Saturday, 21 March 2015

#27 - "Poosy Paradise" by Roosh V

No Means Yes (or, the Zeta Male)


By Beau Dashington

(book chosen by PearTree)

Editor's Note: This round each boy will have to read a sequel or follow-up book. Not because we felt there was more to gleam from such esteemed writers, but because we are vengeful, contemptible souls marked by short-sighted narrow minds of the lowest common denominator who like to laugh at each others misfortunes even if in doing so we bring about our own vexation. All I can say is -- Worth it.

This isn’t the first time our group has encountered Roosh V. And I have a worrying feeling that it won’t be the last. As first in line for reading a sequel, I knew I would be getting a Roosh V book. His books are just so shitty, and there are so many of them, that I was bound to be forced to read one eventually.

For those unfamiliar with this guy, he writes books on the subject of pulling women. In this book, he is looking for Poosy Paradise in Romania, however, he fails to have sex with very many women and thus gets stuck in “Pussy Purgatory” (see what he did there?). That’s basically the entire book. There is no plot, and it is exceptionally badly written. I would also say that it is badly edited, only it is perfectly clear from reading it that it never went anywhere near an editor.

There is no story, just a bunch of lame descriptions of some really depressing sounding dates and a fair amount of jerking off. For example, “That night I masturbated but my heart wasn’t into it. My boner was physically present but I was just going for the orgasm, which was weak even though I had resumed weight-lifting.”  The few sexual encounters aren’t much better; “I boned her for about six minutes before I came.”

There are only two tips in the book as far as could tell. The first is Roosh’s magic sex potion, made up of vodka mixed with fruit from the “Four corners of the world”, the four corners being “Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.” I don’t know what kind of fucked up map he has been looking at where these five continents represent a square. 

In terms of the latter tip, he refers to it as “The Move” because it is “the best move I have.” Here is his description of said move: “I grabbed her hand and placed it on my penis.” That’s it. You force a chick to touch your penis when she isn't expecting it.

But here we enter discussion of the more worrying parts of this book. Most of the strategies verge precariously close to sexual assault For those in the pityingly named “manosphere” (the online community of people like Roosh), you might think I am saying that sleeping with women then not calling them is a form of rape. It isn’t.

But forcing them to touch your genitals, or tricking them into letting you touch theirs? That is sexual assault. One part of the book involves him, aged 33, trying to sleep with a 16 year old. His thoughts on the appropriateness of such behaviour? “Images of my dick violating her pussy were still fresh on my mind.” His handling of rejection all follows the same pattern; “I wanted to slap the shit out of her, but I suppose that would have made me look bitter.”

His general tactic is to prey on women when they are drinking; “I can go to a club and lurk in a corner until I see a girl I like.” Once in the club, he then tries to encourage women to drink as much as they can. “I thought that she’d probably let me put it in raw since she was drinking, but no. She actually would get her hands and cover her pussy when I tried, one of the biggest turn-offs a girl can do.” And here, it becomes clear that to Roosh V, the word ‘no’ really doesn’t mean no. It means yes; “She resisted slightly at first... I tried to press my boner into her body.”

That’s sexual assault, plain and simple. And if she doesn’t respond well to you when you make her touch your penis?“If she doesn’t want to put hand inside pants (sic) to directly feel the cock, take a 10 minute break.”

Back to my original question. Is he a rapist, or a loser? Or both? During the book, he frequently notes that he has no friends, and that the women that he eventually tricks into sleeping with him don’t come back. Either way, he is almost certainly a Zeta Male, rather than the Alpha he claims to be. For the record; I realize that the last letter of the Greek alphabet is actually Omega, but if I referred to him as an Omega Man then people might confuse him with Charlton HestonAnd if Charlton Heston were a woman, then I am sure we all know that there is one thing that he would say to Roosh V on behalf of every other woman in the world.

Seriously though, Roosh; fuck off, and stop writing your shitty books. Not only because you're a borderline rapist, but because if you keep writing them, then I'm going to have to keep reading them for the Piece of Shit Book Club.

Please, stop.


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  1. I'd say I'm shocked, but I wrote a post the other day about sexual assault and had a bunch of LCD redditors email me with videos of rape jokes, telling me how hilarious it all is etc. Who ARE these people?!