Friday, 5 September 2014

#3: "Day Bang" by Roosh V

Fuck you and your Book. 

by Admiral Fartmore

(book selected by Beau Dashington)

Editor's note: I'm back editing this post a couple months later because of some weird formatting issues. While I'm here, and after deliberately reading several more of the worst books I could find, I just want to reaffirm that this book is the worst piece of trash I've ever read.

Day Bang, written by Roosh V., is the second book in the Bang series. Where his first book, Bang, was written as a guide for achieving alpha-maledom by banging women you meet in night clubs, Day Bang serves as the day-time equivalent: a guide for banging women you meet in coffee shops, bookstores, or out on the street.  The lessons are based off Roosh’s own “1,000 hours” of experience. You heard that right. He’s spent 1,000 hours talking to women. The book is depressing both in its message and its execution – it's not just misogyny, but really dry, poorly-written misogyny to boot. This is actually the worst thing I’ve ever read.

The book is essentially written as a self-help guide for men who either hate or are terrified by women. But rather than attempt to build the self-esteem of the reader so that they have the natural confidence to have conversations like a normal human being, Roosh takes the approach of devaluing and dehumanizing women so that they are no longer threatening. He asserts that the men who are successful with women are so because of one common reason, “they don’t highly value women” and concludes early that “you shouldn’t do any favors for a woman who hasn’t pleased you sexually.” Do you think Roosh ever helps his mother with the yard work? The misogyny is depressing enough as is, but it’s made worse by the knowledge that this piece of shit is preying on a maladjusted, emotionally-crippled section of the male population.

Roosh dedicates approximately the first third of the book bouncing between dehumanizing women and rationalizing the manipulation of women. In the introduction, Roosh compares women to cats – you have to approach them slowly and cautiously before grabbing them and fucking them. In the rest of the book’s scenarios, the targeted woman is referred to exclusively as “the cat.” He also warns us to be “careful about having too much respect for them” – a light jab at women – before following up with the following haymaker: “While I’m not saying you should hate women, my initial impression of them is they’re lubricated holes that exist mostly for man’s sexual pleasure.” But don’t worry if this feels a little predatory, because “game doesn’t exist to convince girls to have sex with you – it’s just an efficient tool that allows two open individuals to have sex in a short period of time.” The fucking book is called Day Bang.

 The rest of the book involves Roosh providing meticulous instructions on how to approach women in different locations and how to start conversations based on those contexts. In a clothing store, for example, you might want to talk about clothes. In a pet store, you could talk about cat breeds. In a bookstore, you could tell her about what a piece of shit Day Bang is, etc. These location-by-location guides also include diagrams indicating, for example, the most effective place to sit in a café. Hint: it’s by the bathroom so you can wait for women to go piss and then talk to them as they leave the bathroom. My favorite tip of all is for when you’re trying to approach women on the street: “pick a street with medium traffic, hide behind a bush, and then emerge from your spot to start following any cute girl that walks by.” If the mental image isn’t already terrifying enough, here is a picture of Roosh V:

      Hiding in bushes and stalking women: the true alpha-male.              

Roosh concludes the single worst book I've ever read with the following message: “someday you’re going to die… it would be a terrible waste for you to get less pussy than you deserve.” I appreciate the sentiment, and so I’ll conclude on a similar note: someday you are going to die, Roosh V.  Fuck you and your terrible book.


Who will win the 2014 Perth Darts Masters competition? (two picks allowed).


1st: Beau Dashington (Phil Taylor and Dave Chisnall
2nd: Peartree (Michael van Gerwen and Peter Wright)
3rd: WildCard (Paul Nicholson and James Wade)
4th: AdmiralFartmore (Raymond van Barneveld and Sam Whitlock)

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